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Artist Spotlight – The Shouting Matches

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

You may have never heard of them, but this group, The Shouting Matches, is one to take notice of.  You may recognize one of the three band members.  Yes, that is Justin Vernon from Bon Iver.

Don’t get suckered into the notion that this band sound anything like Bon Iver though, because it sure as hell doesn’t.  The Shouting Matches actually boast a much looser, bluesy sound.  Vernon also stays away from the Bon Iver falsetto and vocalizes in his much more natural lower register.  This trio, signed to Middle West Management (Bon Iver’s label), released their first album Grownass Man in April and are playing on Friday at this year’s Coachella Music Festival.  Apart from that, it’s still very early and very little is booked for this newer act, (Hell, they don’t even have Top Tracks on Spotify yet!) so who knows what is next for them?

Here’s a track in case you don’t want to just take my word for it: 

Be sure to check them out, and you won’t be upset if you choose to catch them at Coachella! I expect these guys would just go off during a live performance and have a real good time on stage, which is always fun for the audience as well.


Here is their performance from Coachella Weekend 1 streamed on YouTube in three parts:



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