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‘New Music Tuesdays’ – 04.16.2013 Edition

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Lots of good music came out today.  I repeat, lots of good music came out today.  Unfortunately for me, where I went to get my music didn’t have everything I was looking for.  However, I was able to pick up a few goodies all the same.  So as to excellent new releases today, we’ve got the Karen O and Yeah Yeah Yeahs releasing Mosquito, we’ve got (Bon Ivers)  Justin Vernon’s new blues side-project The Shouting Matches – GrownAss Man with a release of their own, we’ve also got Diplo’s newest project Major Lazer with their newest release Free the Universe, and last but not least, there are the Brit’s very own The Neighbourhood with their very own debut I Love You.  Unfortunately, The Neighborhood only released their album in the UK this week and The Shouting Matches are too new for the record store I usually frequent to carry it just yet.

So onto the review…

Karen O and co. would have been the easier and more expected review from me, but I feel like going with something a bit different this week, the newest album from Diplo’s side-project Major Lazer.  This album is laden with features, including Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend, Danielle Haim (of Haim), Santigold, Amber Coffman from The Dirty Projectors, Bruno Mars, Tyga, Wyclef Jean, and even Flux Pavilion.  It’s not often that you can talk about a reggae album created mostly from turntables and other electronics. This fact makes this album a little tough to classify it as a Reggae album. The lead single from the album, Get Free is an incredibly rich song with the unique pairing of the modulated voice of Amber Coffman singing over the reggae-infused back beat Diplo and co. put together with each of their pieces of hardware.  Check out this live version of the hit track on Jimmy Fallon with The Roots: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

This album is definitely worth a listen, if not just for the sake of hearing this interesting take on a fusion of Caribbean reggae, dancehall/house and radio show styled edits/samples.  Each song has its own unique identity and sound.  Although the album doesn’t really attain a theme, it provides 14 different takes on an interesting genre mash-up.  Other songs worth mentioning are Keep Cool [feat. Shaggy & Wynter Gordon] and Reach for the Stars [feat. Wyclef Jean] and the album closer Major Lazer – Playground [feat. Bugle & Arama].

Apart from that, here is what I have added to my music collection today:

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and for now, I say, until next week…


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