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Twenty Years Of Astralwerks

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Although I’m a bit late to the game on this (like 6 months late), but legendary label Astralwerks celebrated its 20th year of existence earlier this year.

LOOK: Wishing Astralwerks A Happy 20th Birthday!

I wanted to pay particular attention to this label because of the outstanding talent that they have promoted around the world over the past 20 years.  Astralwerks has been synonymous with quality music and breakout artists since its inception.  Focusing mostly on electronic-based music, the label has become the premiere label for artists these days in the genre.  Under the umbrella of Universal Music Group these days, the label has been able to sign premiere acts with signature sounds since its 1993 creation.  With heritage artists such as the original robots Kraftwerk, to house party favorites The B-52’s, to Australian darling Kylie Minogue, and the ‘Rockafeller Skank’ himself Fatboy Slim, the label has built off its huge success to sign major crossover acts that has brought dance music out of the clubs and made it mainstream worldwide.  The label continues to tout top-notch acts today such as everyone’s favorite DJ rodent Deadmau5French sensations such as David GuettaAir and Phoenix, to Australian artists Empire Of The Sun and Gold Fields.  Here is a full list of their current artists:

Congratulations are in order for these guys as they continue to find excellent acts from around the world.  Not only that, but they are also very interactive with their fan base on social networks.  They have responded numerous times to me on twitter and are more than happy to suggest new music to any inquisitive listeners looking for something new (and have on more than one occasion introduced me to some quality new music).  Simple things like that go a long way in my book.  This is why I have taken my time to share their accomplishments with you.  Here are a couple of Spotify playlists the label has curated for it’s 20th anniversary for you to enjoy:

Indiewerks (Astralwerks 20th Anniversary Playlist)

Ready For The Floor (Astralwerks 20th Anniversary Playlist)

and with that I will leave you with my most recent find (courtesy of the Astralwerks team no less) German group CLAIRE.  Cheers to you Astralwerks, and to hopefully 20 more years!


Now Playing: CLAIRE – Set Out With Me


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