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100 Years of Rock

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100 Years of Rock Visualized infographic

I was introduced to this today by one of my fellow musicheads and this is a really interesting infographic covering the past 100 years of music and genre differentiation.  Mind you, all of these “genres” may have not pertained to the artists at the time of their peak popularity, and were used only as a categorizing tool in the music industry to sell records.  For instance, some artists that are now considered Blues, in the 40’s may have referred to themselves as playing anything from Swing, Country, Gospel, Ragtime, Big Band, or even just Work Songs.  These genres are forever malleable and always changing.  As you can see, the classifications become increasingly fragmented and segmented starting in the 1960s as popular music and technology advanced to provide artists and performers with new sounds, instruments and ways to express themselves (some much more popular than others).

Either way, enjoy discovering who new fields of music!


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