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Artist Spotlight – Wild Cub

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I bet you have heard Thunder Clatter on the radio by now, but what do you really know about the band?  Well I’m about to inform you!


The group’s debut full-length album Youth was just re-released on January 21 on Mom + Pop Records.  The re-release includes two new tracks that had not been released on the original, including a remix of their breakout song by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr..  The group hails from Nashville and isthe brain child of multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Bullock and the multi-talented lead singer Keegan DeWitt who has also composed music for a number of television shows and even scored the 2013 Oscar-winning short film Inocente.  In support of their original release, the group performed at a number of major events in 2013 including 8 shows at SXSW, as well as performances at Bonnaroo and CMJ.  The band is currently touring and are also slated to be on the lineup to perform at this year’s Firefly Music Festival and Hangout Festival.

Apart from having a remix added to the band’s re-release, Thunder Clatter has been remixed by numerous other artists including Small Black and Twin Shadow.  They also have performed the song on numerous occasions acoustic, (most recently on SiriusXM Satellite Radio) which adds a different dynamic to the song.  The group has also remixed tracks to other popular artists such as Atlas Genius track Symptoms, which appeared on the groups remix album So Electric: When It Was Now [The Remixes].

The band also played Fallon on the day their album re-released and that can also be found here:

The group blends together a catchy blend of electronic pop rock, disco and synth tones to create their melodic dancey music.  The group has followed in the path of St. Lucia and many other artists, incorporating in tropical rhythms that give their sound a very warm and Summery feel to it.  Some songs feel like they are straight out of a John Hughes film (i.e. The Water or Drive) while others, like Wishing Well and Wild Light, provide a much more fun and dance-ready sound for listeners to enjoy.  Once you get through those, you then hit the track Summer Fires / Hidden Spells which sounds like it was stolen right off a Michael Jackson album.  There is also a hidden gem late on the album in the track Windows.  This track is artfully crafted, with a melody that is neither overpowering nor underwhelming.  The flow is crisp and the feelings it emanates are relaxing and euphoric at the same time.  One thing can sure be said, these guys can put together some very catchy pop music.  The only thing that may be lacking in the band’s debut is a lack of direction.  After listening to the album a couple of times, you still can’t really tell what the group’s true identity is.  While the album as a whole is quality and Thunder Clatter is a breakout hit for sure, we still seem to be caught up asking for more.


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