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New Music Tuesdays – Laid Back Luke Edition

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As busy as last week was musically, this week was dead.  What do you expect after a major release party like last Tuesday, followed by the semi-annual Record Store Day releases on Saturday, labels were too busy to worry about getting a lot of music out in this week’s releases.  All that being said though, there was one solid new release worth picking up today, and that was the latest from The Apache Relay.

The group’s third album, Apache Relay is a fine piece of material.  The group, who hail from Nashville, have moved more away from the nu-folk sound made popular by bands like Mumford & Sons to incorporate more melodic, laid back rock in their latest creation.  Highlighted by tracks like Growing PainsDose and White Light the group has put together an enjoyable, albeit relaxing.  The album makes excellent music for a sunny summer day spent lounging out by a pool with a cold drink in hand.


Speaking of lounging with a cold drink, I also picked up today was the latest from Chet FakerBuilt On Glass which released earlier this year.

This album was the highly anticipated follow-up to the Australian’s début album Thinking in Textures which featured the breakout cover track No Diggity.  The album kicks off with a simple, slow jam in Release Your Problems, introducing the listener to what is to come, more low-key jams, silky smooth R&B beats and laid back pieces of music, perfect for vibing and riding a mellow buzz.  The album features tracks Talk Is Cheap, Cigarettes & Loneliness and 1998.  The album ends with a track titled that sounds like it could have been taken right off of John  Mayer’s Continuum album with its silky bluesy guitar riff throughout.  This, just like the other album above, is perfect music for relaxing, not too loud or fast-paced, yet distinct and interesting enough to keep ones attention on the music.  Perfect for a late night come down or a morning hangover, or, just like Apache Relay, lounging out by the pool catching some rays.

And now, as always, here was everything acquired on this New Release Tuesday:

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