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Audiophile Concert Series – MS MR w/ The Preatures @ 9:30 Club

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Tuesday night is usually a night that I spend in front of the computer drafting up my weekly New Music Tuesday post, however this past week was slightly different.  Instead of writing for you my weekly segment, I was in attendance at the 9:30 Club performance of MS MR and The Preatures dancing my pants off.  Whether you are familiar with one, both, or neither of the groups, if you were at this show, you had a good time.

Australian act The Preatures went on at precisely 8:15 and right off the bat, kicked the night off on a good foot.  If you showed up late and slept on the opener to this show, you truly missed a solid opening performance.  The band played for just under an hour and went thoroughly through their repertoire.   Little known here (but hopefully, not for long) they played tracks where you could distinctly pick out their influences to their music.  Late 80’s and early 90’s musical influences tend to run rampant throughout their sound, however one could also hear Kenny Loggins,  Creedence Clearwater Revival and other 70’s rockers  who had paved the way to the band recreating their music with their own personal style.  The group also made sure to play their more popular buzz track singles Better Than It Ever Could Be and Is This How You Feel? with a great response by the crowd.  I was actually surprised at how well these guys played and their show as a whole was truly enjoyable and got the juices flowing among everyone.  They were jamming along so well that Max and Lizzy (aka MS MR) came out, enjoyed, and danced along to their show from their private band balcony for a majority of the show.  When the band you are touring with (for multiple dates, mind you) watches your performance, you are certainly doing something right.  I have talked about these guys before on here, but seeing them live was a truly awakening experience and even I undervalued them and their capabilities.  If given the chance, be sure to check these Aussies out!


Now, as for the headliners…


Well, what can be said about MS MR that hasn’t already been said?  These two utterly rock and put on a fun live show.  They get you dancing immediately, singing along and having a good time.  They are both quirky and fun on stage and they sport flamboyant outfits to match (Max was wearing Zebra leggings with giant disco platforms while Lizzy’s hair is never the same color for very long).  The New York duo, which tours as a quartet came on at the normal start time, 9:30 (hence the club’s name).  This was their sixth time playing 9:30 Club, but the first time as a headliner, so they were incredibly excited, humbled and appreciative to play for the sold out crowd who came out to see them.  The band blazed through track after track from their début album Secondhand Rapture as well as performed both of their more well-known covers, the Arctic Monkeys’ Do I Wanna Know? as well as LCD Soundsystem’s Dance Yrself Clean, with excellent audience response.

All-in-all, it was a fabulous night for music and I thoroughly enjoyed both band’s performances.  I had seen MS MR before at the HFSmas Nutcracker this past December so I knew what to expect from them, but The Preatures really surprised me and I greatly enjoyed their musical contribution to the night.  Be sure to check out the photos on Instagram and in the link below for more shots from the concert.

Instagram: @AudiophileAkwitz

More of my photos from the night: MS MR w/ The Preatures @ 9:30 Club


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