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Audiophile Artist Of The Week – Groove Armada

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This week I’m doing a twin-posting.  You may or may not know that I also curate the music section of the blog Everything Random and each week I post a new ‘Audiophile Artist Of The Week’.  Well, this week I’m sharing it here as well as there so that everyone can enjoy the music.

The Audiophile Artist of The Week is: Groove Armada.


You may recognize this guys as they have been around for quite a while and you probably grew up listening to some of their tracks (although you may or may not have known it).  Having formed back in 1996, this London dance duo has spun our terrific track after terrific tracks for almost twenty years now.  These fellows are incredibly versatile musicians.  Whether they are creating fantastic dance-worthy hits, or some of their more mellow grooves, or just constructing some amazing playlists for the incredible UK Late Night Tales series, they are doing it all precisely and with direction.  That series in itself could be it’s very own “Artist Of The Week” post and is a constant source of new music discovery for me and was one of my “Underrated Albums” posts on the Audiophile a while back, (check it here) but that is neither here nor there.

So what, you may be asking yourself, have I heard that’s a Groove Armada creation?  Ever heard the phrase, “I See You Baby, Shaking That Ass”?  Yeah, I’m sure Gram’ma Funk’s voice came right into your head as you read that, and yes, that’s them.  Groove Armada wrote the smash hit I See You Baby which was then promptly remixed by Fatboy Slim and made into a radio sensation almost overnight in the late 90’s.

The group is much more than that singular track however.  Their two Late Night Tales contributions are my personal favorites of the entire collection, creating the perfect mood music for a 5am comedown after a raucous night out.


If you are truly new to the group and their music, a safe bet to really get to know the duo is to first check out their The Best Of album, but like most Best Of albums, tracks are going to be missed.  Three of those tracks are LightsonicLove Sweet Sound and Song 4 Mutya (Out Of Control), all of which appear on the group’s  Soundboy Rock album.  Also, I’m not even sure how this one was missed from the album, but Hands Of Time from the duo’s album Lovebox  and features vocals from Richie Havens is a fabulous piece of musicianship worth all of your ears attention.  Don’t get me wrong though, there are some fantastic tracks on the best of as well.  For instance, the down tempo track At The River is a fantastic piece of dream-weaving centered around a lone trumpet.  Then there is Purple Haze, which, as you might expect, is a rougher joint (pun intended, obviously) with vocals comparable to Jack White and drug-riddled lyrics.  I could go on and on listing tracks to check out when it comes to these boys, but I will only cover two more so that you can do your own exploring.  These last two songs can both be found on The Best Of  album, but also on the duo’s equally quality album Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub).  The tracks I allude to are Little By Little and the band’s second biggest hit  Superstylin’.

While the latter fits very much into the fabric of the UK dance scene, the former fits elsewhere.  This is something I have forever loved about this group; the duplicity of their musical moods.  They can create these utterly funky and dance-friendly high-energy tracks but then they will just as easily slow it down and create a super soulful, soothing  and stress-relieving track like that found in Little By Little.  This track is a drum-and-bass track with a floating piano line throughout and with Richie Havens once again destroying it on vocals.  The folk singer’s rich, soulful voice complements the carefully crafted beat perfectly for a dynamic, yet simple and satisfying track.

I hope that now, if you hadn’t been familiar with these London lads before, are now as avid fans of their music as I am.

Band Info:

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YouTube: Groove Armada Live

Facebook: Groove Armada

Twitter: @GrooveArmada

See you all next week for another installment…


Now Playing: Groove Armada – Hands Of Time (Live)


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