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Artist Spotlight – Saint Pepsi (now Skylar Spence)

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New York-born Robert DeRobertis (aka Saint Pepsi) is an electronic producer who has been making music out of New York for the past couple of years.

Carly Rae Jepsen remix initially broke him onto the scene and into the blogosphere when he released his dreamlike rendition of Call Me Maybe on SoundCloud early last year at the height of the song’s popularity.

His ability to put together interesting and diverse musical creations is already visible throughout his body of work so far in his short career.  His style ranges from disco-centric tunes, to dreamy synthesizer led ballads, to tropical-themed dance tracks.  All of which rely on a sort of mellowed dance beat, never too hectic or frantic.  One such example of this is the disco-flavored, Mario Kart 64 sample-rich track titled Better.


Fiona Coyne is the latest single release from him and was understandably instantly acclaimed as a summer jam.

The track, named after a character on the Canadian-produced television high-school drama, Degrassi, is a bouncy romp of a dance track with very light, summery-themed lyrics and a very fun music video to accompany it.

Whether he is remixing others or crafting his own musical creations, he continues to excite and entertain.  Assume to be hearing his name a lot more in the upcoming months.  Just this past week he was even highlighted by UK newspaper The Guardian as the most recent “New Band Of The Week” spotlight (that can be read here).  In the meantime, enjoy all the music currently available.

Band Info:

Band Site:


Facebook: Saint Pepsi

Twitter: @saint_pepsi



Now Playing: Saint Pepsi – Mr. Wonderful


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