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Artist Spotlight – City Of The Sun



I want to draw special attention to this group, City Of The Sun.

This New York trio has busked their way to popularity.  Consisting of two guitars and a box player/percussionist, John Pita, Avi Snow and Zach Para have been able to entrance New York City’s streets with some utterly marvelous Spanish guitar blended instrumental music.  That’s right, the band requires no lyrics, no vocals and no electric for their mesmerizing live performance.  Having formed in 2010, the group has played wherever the music has taken them, from street corners to NYC lofts and galleries to around the world playing various TEDx showcases.  Utilizing a fusion of flamenco, acoustic and post-rock styles, the group has become a formidable force worthy of all the attention it has garnered so far.

Their music is worldly, uplifting and inspiring and it has definitely captured my heart.  Although street performers do happen to be a dime a dozen in New York, these fellas really do take the cake by putting on a memorable show.  Their finger work is impeccable as they strum exceedingly fast through their repertoire, ever-increasing their viewing audience throughout the performance.  Whether syncopated or playing in harmony, the boys play like virtuosos.  Currently, the only recorded effort they have made is a single 5-track EP titled Live At The Factory but they have been captured numerous times over YouTube for their multitude of fantastic buskin performances.  One such performance I want to draw attention to is actually one of their few covers.  The video below is a performance from Central Park of them covering The XX’s Intro:

The cover itself is fabulous and the video accompanying it is well shot.  Maybe it’s just because I lived there for 6 years and have been undergoing a major case of nostalgia lately for the city, or maybe because it really is well done, but either way the combination of the performance and video is awe-inspiring and makes me miss NYC.

Another performance, shot during the annual Greenwich Village Halloween parade, truly captures how entrancing of a performance the group can put on.  As you see in the background even the security is unable to control himself from getting sucked into the group’s performance.

Their tracks Explosions and Second Sun are also heavy favorites among their repertoire, with each track equipped with fantastic flourishes and whirling dervish-esque guitar work.  While they had previously had a lineup with vocals, the band decided to change direction and focus solely on their highly touted instrumental performance and we can appreciate it all the better.

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3 thoughts on “Artist Spotlight – City Of The Sun

  1. Adam Road hasn’t been a member of/involved with City of the Sun in quite some time and the band doesn’t currently perform with vocals at all.

  2. The photo doesn’t have the correct band members

  3. Thanks, I have updated/corrected this.

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