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New Music Tuesdays – Newsworthy Edition

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This week unfortunately offered very few options of any import on the new album release front, but there have been some headline-making music announcements.  Because of the lack of any album purchases (and with expected purchases coming this Saturday for Record Store Day 2015) I will spend this week’s New Music Tuesday post highlighting singles and other music news.

We will start with festival announcements.  This past weekend kicked off festival season with Coachella Weekend 1 (which was both live streamed online and select performances were aired live on Sirius XM Satellite radio and plenty highlights came out of it.  Apart from the whole DrakeMadonna and Justin Bieber PR clickbait bullshit, the weekend was full of musical performance ups and downs.  For instance, AC/DC rocked Friday night’s headline performance, and Florence + The Machine performed likewise (her full performance is here:

You can catch her performance and many others over at the Coachella 2015 page:

Meanwhile, Alt-J offered a disappointingly pitchy and vocally flat performance.  Speaking of Floshe also announced today that she actually broke her foot during her Coachella performance and therefore has had to alter her upcoming tour schedule.

This offers the perfect segway into the next news story, Glastonbury. Ms. Welch does expect to be up and spinning around again onstage by the time the annual UK music festival rolls around again in late June.  Today also marked a major announcement for the 2015 iteration of the festival, a major lineup reveal!

As previously announced, Foo Fighters and Kanye West (begrudgingly) are the two named headliners, with a mysterious third headliner still under wraps.  However, despite the headliner announcements the initial festival lineup release looks stacked as always.

Speaking of lineup announcements, NY’s Governor’s Ball Festival announced it’s “After Dark” lineup of shows each night after the festival ends for the day around the multiple NYC venues.  If you don’t happen to make the festival itself, these shows are definite spots to be.

In other news, a rash of singles were released at the beginning of this week, including the latest release off the upcoming album from Best Coast:

Also worth noting are recently new tracks from the artists Alpine and Bully:

I will leave you with an actual album to be sure to check out today though.  Spotify currently has an exclusive early premier of the début album from Joywave that they have posted today.  Don’t miss out on the album How Do You Feel Now? which features a lot of old television samples and the tracks Tongues feat. KOPPS, Somebody New and a couple other interesting tracks such as Destruction and In Clover.

And now, as always, here was everything acquired on this New Release Tuesday:

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