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#NewMusicFridays – The Week of The Solo Act Edition

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It was another interesting release week this past week, touching on the old and the new, with a lot of solo performers both first timers and the repeat offenders.  This week we saw solo releases from David Gilmour and Keith Richards as well as Lana Del Rey, Metric and Skylar Spence.  My favorite release of the week however has to fall to the solo work from Chris Baio, who may be better known for his bass guitar work for the little-known band Vampire Weekend.  It is with that album, that I will kick off this week’s #NewMusicFriday post.

While it may not be his first solo release, Baio did share with the world his first full-length EP, The Names.

The album is a synth-pop driven electronic album that is dance-y and light and all things enjoyable.  Led by the single Sister Of Pearl which utilizes a catchy piano and snare beat and fun guitar riff to drive the track into an easy memorable dance tune.

The other track that was shared pre-release was the album opener Brainwash Yyrr Face which is another  enjoyable electronic romp.  The album tends to stay light and fun in its beats, rhythm and sound, with vocals being used more as just additional tracks to layer in rather than as the more traditional storyteller role.  Lastly I will call attention to the second to last track on the album, Endless Rhythm.  This is another well manufactured track easy to listen to and enjoy.

The 9-track, 38 minute album is a breeze to listen to and positive and enjoyable.  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this multiple times over.

Next was the much talked about new album from Pink Floyd guitarist and vocalist David Gilmour with his latest solo album Rattle That Lock.

The album leans heavily on the traditional Pink Floyd guitar sound that is unique to Gilmour.  The album opener 5 A.M. is a nice instrumental which eases the album in with that classic sound that is heavily audible from The Division Bell.  The lead single also doubles as the titular track in Rattle That Lock.  While the lead guitar is pretty spot on for the track, the rest of the track seems just a little stale.  The music video that accompanies it however is quite interesting and follows in the twisted, trippy animated history familiar with that of The Wall.

I would strongly suggest you listen to this album on a Hi-Fi stereo system, or else you will miss the rich warm tones that comprise that tracks on this album.  Gilmour continues his wailing throughout and for that alone you will want to listen to the album in its entirety.  If you are any more than a casual fan of Pink Floyd, you ought to enjoy this album.


Lastly, I acquired the latest album from Metric this past week, Pagans In Vegas.

The Toronto band’s sixth full-length studio album is still championed by the unique vocals of lead singer Emily Haines. The album is bolstered by the single The Shade.  The album also features tracks Cascades and The Governess.  The first has a funky synth beat driving the track which I really dig and the latter is a slower, more direct track centered around a pace-setting guitar.  While it may not have as much kick as previous albums like 2009’s Fantasies, I actually thoroughly enjoyed this album as a whole.  The album opener Lie Lie Lie is bouncy and simple, yet catchy.  The album is laden with synth-heavy tracks that have become a staple of the band’s sound.


When it comes to singles, this week felt a little light compared to previous weeks.  We did see tracks from Lionlimb which is comprised of musicians who made up some of Angel Olsen’s backing band with their catchy track titled Turnstile

Also, a new track came out from Portland’s Pure Bathing Culture simply titled Palest Pearl.

Then there is a new remix of Porter Robinson’s Worlds opening track Divinity remixed by ODESZA that made it’s way onto SoundCloud over the weekend.

Lastly, I will leave you with a pretty enjoyable little track from a real youngster in Declan McKenna, with his track Brazil.

And now, as always, here was everything acquired on this New Release Tuesday:

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