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About Akwitz

Musical Background: Howdy fellow musicheads, I’m Adam aka Akwitz and a self-proclaimed music aficionado.  I’m a lover and collector of music as well as a musician myself.  I’m a classically trained tenor singer, have done my fair share of lyric writing in the past and dabble a bit at guitar.  I grew up in Baltimore, which has its own brand of local music scene and lived in NYC for 6 years, two of which I spent working in the music industry at Warner Music Group which only diversified my musical tastes more.  I have since moved back to and reside in Baltimore and am an avid concert-goer and record store peruser.  I listen to music 24/7 and I am constantly discovering new and up-and-coming music that all I want to do is share with the world; and that is what this blog is all about.

Musical tastes: I like to claim I have a very eclectic musical palette, but tend to stick mostly to music of a rock-based lineage, although I do appreciate other forms and genres.  I grew up on a steady dose of The Rolling Stones, U2, Talking Heads, Pink Floyd, Traffic, Dire Straits and Classical music if that helps you get a bit of a picture.  I also grew up a child of the 90’s, so that musical period has played a heavy influence on my tastes.  I have a particular affinity for all things British Invasion, both new and old, and a particular attraction to the music coming out of Scandinavia for whatever reason.  My first album I ever bought was The VerveUrban Hymns and continues to this day to be one of my favorite albums.  I have since been exposed to countless varieties of international music, jazz and large selections of “independent and underground” music.

Expect updates from me 2-3x per week, with my weekly “New Music Tuesdays” segment every Tuesday to discuss new music that has released.

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2 thoughts on “About Akwitz

  1. Nice blog. Sounds like we have a lot in common!

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