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The Audiophile: Top Albums of 2015



We have now made it to 2016 and therefore let’s put 2015 to bed with a recap of the best 2015 had to offer musically.    In this now my third edition of the Audiophile Top lists since the blog’s inception, I would have to rank the music of 2015 with a grade of B and 2nd behind 2013 which would definitely be considered a high-water mark for music so far in this decade.  In my previous post I provided the Top 51 Albums of 2015. Now, we whittle that original list of 51 down to a size much more manageable and easier to consume, a top 10.   These albums consumed the Audiophile’s ears this year as they were compelling on multiple levels and had numerous tracks to hear on repeat.  So who won the year?  It was a tough and close fought battle (with everyone being a winner thanks to the quality music), but without further ado, I give you your top 10:



SOAK – Before We Forgot How To Dream

It’s quite an accomplishment for an artist’s début album to break the top 10 of the year.  It’s even more so when you accomplish this at the tender age of 19 like that of SOAK.  Ireland’s very own Bridie Monds-Watson put together a compelling and inspiring album.  Heartfelt, evocative and incredibly relatable, the youngster’s lyrics are far beyond her age, be it on the tracks B a noBody, Blud, Shuvels  or Sea Creatures.  Her breathy voice and the indie folk she creates was worthy of a 2015 Mercury Prize nomination and equally worthy of this place here on the countdown.  Not only that, but when you can get a fellow artist who is also on this list (CHVRCHES) to remix your tracks, you know you’ve got some definite traction.



Leon Bridges – Coming Home

“A return to an old and familiar sound and style” may be the words best to describe another début on this countdown from Fort Worth, Texas.  Leon Bridges‘ album is a wonderful mix of Soul, R&B and Gospel and has a very recognizable quality to it.  Along with the quality of his voice and overall compilation of his work on the album, this album deserves all the credit it is due.  The tracks Coming Home, Smooth Sailin’, Better Man and River are all standouts on a very strong release.





Ratatat – Magnifique

It isn’t very often that you have an instrumental album make a “Top…” list, but Ratatat’s return with their fifth studio album Magnifique after a 5-year absence was down right awesome.  Be it the lead single Cream On Chrome, second single Abrasive or the industrious and industrial Nightclub Amnesia, this album delivers over and over without a single lyric.  Artfully crafted licks and dance-paced tracks make this a great listen at any time of the day.






Purity Ring – Another Eternity

The Canadian duo’s sophomore effort was well deserving of a Top 10 spot this year.  Purity Ring’s début album was strong on its own, and what better way to follow that up than with another equally strong, (if not even better) album?  That’s exactly what they did in 2015 with Another Eternity.  Whether your favorite track was push pull, bodyache or begin again, you really couldn’t go wrong as the album is a complete one from start to finish.  Their sound and style is quite unique and they are part of a string of musicians coming out of the Great White North with a ton of quality new music lately.





Tame Impala – Currents

A lot of other music sites,writers and panels have placed this album much higher on their charts than we do here, but to tell you the truth, it was not my favorite Tame Impala album.  Don’t get me wrong, Kevin Parker and company put together quite the solid album, but Currents was a departure from previous albums’ style which I thoroughly enjoyed.   For what it was though, it truly is an excellent piece of work.  The opening track Let It Happen is an almost 8-minute long dance track that is equal parts compelling as it is trippy and dance-friendly.  Meanwhile, other singles like Cause I’m A Man (which got the remix/rework/cover treatment from an Audiophile favorite, HaimEventually and The Less I Know The Better are all equally compelling in their own right.  There is much to discover on this album and a complete listen through from start to finish is much needed to truly grasp the quality of this album.





We now break into the upper echelon, the Top 5.  In truth, these albums could all be tossed around and reordered depending on the day, but they were by far the most complete and thoroughly enjoyable albums of 2015 in our minds.



CHVRCHES – Every Open Eye

Glaswegian’s Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty who make up the trio known as CHVRCHES had a lot to live up to with their sophomore album after the meteoric success of their début album The Bones Of What You BelieveWere the banded destined for a sophomore slump with Every Open Eye?  Common sense pointed to yes, however what the group delivered was not to be the case.  This album delivers on every front cover to cover.  Beginning with Never Ending Circles and seeing its way through to the closer Afterglow, the album is track after track of uplifting, energetic and exciting Synthpop.  The album is incredibly dancey and enjoyable.  There are many tracks vying for personal favorite on the album too: Leave A Trace, Clearest Blue, and Empty Threat are all definite contenders worthy of this honor, while Make Them Gold and Bury It are close behind.  You really can’t miss listening to any track on this album.






Foals – What Went Down

There is a special place in my heart for the music that UK act Foals make, and maybe this is why they are ranked so highly on this year’s Top Albums of 2015.  But then again, when you actually get into and listen to What Went Down in its entirety, there is good reason this album landed where it did.  The lead single Mountain At My Gates is an absolute CRUSHER of a song that I have yet to get tired of (nor do I think I ever will).  Outside of the lead single though you still have plenty to look forward to, whether it is the opening and title track What Went Down, or closer A Knife In The Ocean, or any one of the numerous tracks in between such as Birch Tree, Albatross, Night SwimmersLondon Thunder or Give It All, the album is track after track after track of quality.  The 10-track album is jam-packed with music that just swells over and over with increasing tenacity and fervor, washing over you with walls of auditory bliss.







Courtney Barnett – Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit

Aussie Courtney Barnett has had a tremendous 2015.  Not only did she release her official début LP Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit (Ignoring the double EP release in 2014), but she has also been nominated for a Grammy award for “Best New Artist” (albeit it is the Grammys and many people don’t put very much stock in the award itself), won 4 ARIA Awards as well as Triple J’s J Award (Australia’s Album of the Year) all in 2015.  These accolades are WELL deserved though, as this album is killer.  The lead single Pedestrian At Best is a garage rock anthem while less high energy tracks such as Depreston are cutting and lyrically brilliant.  Barnett’s music is consistently of the storytelling variety and her lyrics are both cutting and poignant.  Add into the mix that she’s a lefty and this girl oozes cool.   You don’t want to sleep on the tracks Dead Fox, Elevator Operator, Aqua Profonda!, Nobody Cares If You Don’t Go To The Party and album closer Boxing Day Blues.  This album has a lot to offer and lots of different styles that you really must listen to if you haven’t explored it just yet.  It is #3 for good reason!






Jamie xx – In Colour


Jamie xx’s debut solo album was by far my biggest surprise of the year in terms of quality.  One third of the down-tempo UK band The xxJamie xx absolutely crushed it out of the park with In Colour This album is absolutely perfect driving music with the right beats and pace.  Whether you are listening to the massive album opener Gosh (with equally massive music video) or the closer Girl the album flows smoothly from track to track with numerous inflection points and differences of style.  Familiar faces show up on the album to assist in its creation including  the likes of Romy and Oliver (of The xx) on a number of the tracks including the  lead single, Loud Places.  SeeSaw is another enjoyable piece of music as well as The Rest Is Noise.  Last  but not least, probably what surprisingly enough was my personal favorite (and is by far the biggest outlier on the album) was the second single and lights out track I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) which also features dancehall artist Popcaanrapper Young Thug and a sample from Afro a cappella group The Persuasions.  This album may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it was definitely a big winner here at The Audiophile!








And finally we get to The Audiophile’s top album of 2015…




Modest Mouse – Strangers To Ourselves

What is there to say about Modest Mouse’s first album in 8 long years?  The group’s return with Strangers To Ourselves hits on so many levels.  The album is lyrically cutting, culturally relevant, is heavily Pacific Northwest-influenced and overall incredibly unique to the garage rockers turned fully alternative artists known as Modest Mouse.  The album varies in styles throughout the album, sharing with listeners different phases of the band’s musical expression and delivery through its history of being.  The album begins with the title track, Strangers To Ourselves, a slow and melancholy piece that lulls you into a false sense of calm before breaking into the lead single Lampshades On Fire.  Follow this with Shit In Your Cut, Pistol (A Cunanan, Miami, FL. 1996) and Ansel, each vastly different and dynamic in their own ways while still epitomizing the sound that can only be labelled as from the minds of Isaac Brock and company.  The band released a handful of tracks before the album officially dropped in March and the second single The Ground Walks, with Time in a Box was one of the four tracks released prior to this.  This track is a psychedelic freak out if I’ve ever seen one, and comes equipped with a trippy music video to match. The track that follows has to be my favorite on the album, Coyotes.  Surprisingly down-tempo and incredibly revelatory, the track delivers on multiple fronts with tremendous success.  As the album progresses further down the rabbit hole of sorts different directions are taken and lyrics appear which are even more out there and plaintive.  The band has always had base, pessimistic and downright heart-rending lyrics pertaining to their view of the world and man’s impact on it, but this album drives hard on that theme whether in Pups To Dust, Wicked Campaign or God is an Indian and You’re An Asshole.  Be Brave is among the muck and the mire of the middle tracks but should not be overlooked.  The final track to be released prior to albums actual release was the album’s fourth single The Best Room.  Equally impressive as the other singles although it comes as a very deep cut on the album.  Just as the album opened with a slow and melancholy track, the bookend track to close it out,  Of Course We Know, is equally slow and melancholy and the perfect way to cap off what can only be considered a musical journey in that of Strangers To Ourselves.  It is for reasons like that, that this album is rises to the top of 2015.  From beginning to end, the 15-track album offers something different with each track, equally compelling, evocative and interesting.  Each track may not be your favorite, but each track is deserving of a place on the album and for that reason, also deserving of the title of Top Album of 2015.






Now with our Top 10 finally delivered, we look forward to an optimistic 2016 with many returns from acts we have loved from the past as well as numerous new discoveries.  One can only hope 2016 trumps 2013 in terms of music, as the world would no doubt enjoy it!

Also, don’t miss out on the results for the Top Tracks of 2015 as well!

Once again, here were your top 51 albums of 2015:


Was something omitted from the list?  Speak up and share your opinion! Discussion is always appreciated.

If you haven’t heard some of these albums, have no fear! I’ve made a playlist with them all in it for your listening enjoyment right here:

Playlist: The Audiophile: Top 51 Albums of 2015

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New Music Tuesdays – All Quiet On The Musical Front Edition


It’s truly a shame when there is nothing to report on the new music end of things.  This week’s top-billed artist release was the follow-up album from Australian singer Kimbra who is most known for her collaboration with fellow Aussie Gotye on the smash hit single Somebody That I Used To Know.  Although I have yet to give it a listen to attest to its ability or quality, I did not pick this one up at my local record store today.  It’s week’s like this that allow avid music listeners to catch up on things they may have missed before, or just to catch up on older albums they may have overlooked or underplayed.  This week was exactly the case for me.  I did pick up some newer music today, the latest album from another Aussie group, the brother-sister duo of Angus & Julia Stone.

Their self-titled album released at the beginning of this month.  The siblings create some folksy blues-infused pop music and this album is a fine compilation of their abilities as musicians and singers.  I am going to shy away from giving you a breakdown of the album this week, but did want to share a few highlights to pay attention to.   The album kicks off with a plodding easy-going antithesis about young love, aptly titled A Heartbreak.

Heart Beats Slow is another quality single on the album.  I have also been impressed by My Word For It.  The composition of Death Defying Acts is probably my favorite on the album and Julia has me reminiscing of artists like Joan OsborneNancy Sinatra, Shirley Bassey and others like them the entirety of the song.  The album jumps back and forth between the siblings taking the  lead vocals which offers a varied and enjoyable listening experience.  I would highly suggest giving this album the listen it deserves.

All in all, this week was not about the album releases, but more the new individual releases.  We saw this morning the music video premier from sister trio Haim for their Days Are Gone track My Song 5 – Remix which features  A$AP Ferg.  The video itself is cameo-ridden with the likes of Ezra KoenigKe$haGrimes and more all making appearances.

Also showing up on the internet air waves was the another track released from Seattle production duo ODESZA which will show up on their upcoming LP.  Check out their new release below.

And now, as always, here was everything acquired on this New Release Tuesday:

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Audiophile Concert Series – Haim w/ Shy Girls @ 9:30 Club


This past Thursday night in the nation’s capital was where it was at.

Let me be more specific…Thursday night at DC’s 9:30 Club was where it was at.  It was there that Haim was headlining night two of their stint in DC of their current tour.  Supported by Portland, Oregon’s Shy Girls on this neck of their tour, the group put on a fantastic performance.

This particular show was Round #4 for me of seeing the “three sisters and a mister” in the past year, this however being the first show with them headlining.  The show started at 8pm with the Portland 4-piece hitting the stage.  Their sound is an interesting one.  Led by soulful frontman Dan Vidmar, the group’s music is an R&B blend similar to Sam Smith and James Blake.  One thing you can say about the group’s music right off the bat…it’s baby-making music.  Sensual vocals and with the added touch of a clarinet for good measure, the music itself could thaw even the coldest of people.  The band played for a brief 35-minute set to set the mood and make way for the headliners.

When the lovely ladies of Haim finally hit the stage at 9, the crowd was ready to go.  The show began with their “mister” Dash coming on stage and drumming out an opening for the band’s album-opening track Falling.  The song ended with an arm waving and clapping session with the crowd before more into a slowed down rendition of If I Could Change Your Mind.

The Valley girls ever playful banter between songs (mostly between Alana and Este, as Danielle plays the cool, mysterious lead guitarist and singer role) was cute and fun, but also incorporated the crowd into the show even more.  The group then jumped into a romp of a Fleetwood Mac cover as the girls all jammed out hard on Oh Well with Alana singing the vocals.  After solid performances of both Honey & I and album title track Days Are Gone Este proclaimed, “This is by far my favorite track on the album.  It’s a real booty shaker and it should really get you all dancing and I want to see DC shaking those booties!”  The band then broke into their darkest and most R&B-flavored track My Song 5. After following that up with strong performances of Running If You Call My Name and Don’t Save Me, the girls closed their initial act with the buzz song that broke them onto the scene in the first place 2 years ago, Forever.

On the band’s return for the encore, Danielle was the first to return, taking up place on the drums to bang out a little solo while Dash, Alana and Este came back on.  The group then broke into their second cover of the night, this time with Beyoncé‘s XO and Este on lead vocals.  After that thrilling and more than exceptional cover rendition, the girls played their “first single” from the album The Wire which engaged the crowd once again as Este practically climbed into the mezzanine with her bass.  Their final song of the night was the sensuous Let Me Go, a fantastic close-out track for what was a fantastic overall performance.


Here was the group’s set list for the show:

  1. XO (Beyoncé cover)

Instagram: Audiophileakwitz

More of my photos from the night: Haim w/ Shy Girls @ 9:30 Club


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