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Coachella 2014 – A Complete Guide To This Year’s Festival (Spotify Playlists Included)


Coachella is mere hours away and I am here to present to you your survival guide to the actual music of the festival.  For those of you going that haven’t yet figured out what you are going to see, look no further.  For the rest of us who aren’t going (or happen to be doing Weekend #2) read on and get yourself acquainted with these acts that are worth seeing, hearing, feeling and any other sense you would like to utilize to enjoy the music.

So if you really hadn’t given much thought as to who to see this weekend, or moreso, who to pay attention to, look no further.  Let me give you the skinny/4-1-1/low down, (whatever you want to call it) on what’s worth your time.  First off, I just have to say, the festival promoters really packed Saturday.  While Friday and Sunday are pretty manageable and straightforward, Saturday is a real cluster for picking one quality act you want to see over another all day long.  Now let me breakdown my ideal schedule for each day, maybe you’ll agree with me.

Note: When I mark conflicts the first listed act would be my winner


Spotify Playlist: Coachella 2014 – Friday – “A Good Start”



Let’s start off with making a schedule for the opening day:


Spotify Playlist: Coachella 2014 – Saturday – “Fantastic Lineup, Terrible Conflicts”


Now onto the day from hell (scheduling-wise):


Spotify Playlist: Coachella 2014 – Sunday – “The Final Day: A Fitting End”


Last day, are you tired yet? Let’s close this baby out!:


HH set times

With regards to this schedule, who are my Not-To-Miss Acts?  Well, I don’t think I need to speak about many of the “larger font” bands, however, some smaller print bands definitely do deserve attention.

Here is my DO NOT MISS list:

Be sure, if you are going to Coachella, to make time for these acts.  They are well worth your time and ears.   Now show us some of your fancy footwork!



This year as well, Coachella has decided to live stream some of it’s shows so all of us non-attendees can still partake in the auditory 7 visual enjoyment.

Here is the live streaming schedule: Coachella LIVE! on YouTube


Friday, April 11th:
03:30 – Flatbush Zombies
03:30 – ZZ Ward
03:30 – Jagwar Ma
04:15 – Grouplove
04:20 – Wye Oak
05:15 – MS MR
05:20 – AFI
06:00 – Bastille
06:05 – ASAP Ferg
06:10 – GOAT
07:00 – The Afghan Whigs
07:00 – Kate Nash
07:50 – Neko Case
08:15 – Woodkid
08:40 – Ellie Goulding
09:05 – Chromeo
09:30 – Broken Bells
09:30 – Carnage
09:55 – Bryan Ferry
10:30 – Girl Talk
11:00 – The Cult
11:20 – Martin Garrix
12:00 – Anti-Flag
12:20 – Zedd

Saturday, April 12th:
03:30 – White Lies
03:30 – Bear Hands
03:30 – Foxygen
04:10 – CHVRCHES
04:15 – Temples
04:30 – Ty Segall
05:20 – The Head and the Heart
05:30 – Bombay Bicycle Club
06:10 – City and Colour
06:30 – Washed Out
07:00 – Capital Cities
07:05 – Future Islands
07:55 – Lorde
08:00 – Warpaint
08:25 – Dillon Francis
08:45 – Foster the People
09:00 – Pixies
09:25 – Fatboy Slim
09:40 – Queens of the Stone Age
10:25 – Empire of the Sun
10:35 – Pharrell Williams
10:45 – Sleigh Bells
11:25 – Skrillex
11:35 – Pet Shop Boys
11:35 – Muse

Sunday, April 13th:
03:30 – Preservation Hall Jazz Band
03:30 – J. Roddy Walston & The Business
03:30 – Surfer Blood
04:15 – Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue
04:30 – Frank Turner
05:10 – Fishbone
05:30 – Superchunk
06:00 – Blood Orange
06:00 – Flosstradamus
06:30 – The 1975
07:15 – Little Dragon
07:40 – The Naked and Famous
07:50 – Alesso
08:30 – Daughter
08:30 – Calvin Harris
09:00 – Big Gigantic
09:25 – Beck
09:55 – Adventure Club
10:10 – Nas
10:20 – Arcade Fire
10:45 – Duck Sauce
11:10 – Disclosure


So….what are your thoughts?  Like my daily schedules? Hate them? Did I leave someone out I shouldn’t be? Let me know your thoughts.  If you are going to Coachella, and you use these lists, drop me a line as well!   Also, be sure to check out each day’s Spotify Playlist, chocked full of each day’s lineup from the official poster.  Hours of listening pleasure in each of those playlists, so be sure to get your fill.



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2014 – A Down Year for Music


As much as I’d like this not to be true, I can’t help but think that 2014 will be a very weak year musically.  Don’t get me wrong, I truly hope that is not the case, but I personally just can’t see this year being all that great, and I will explain why.

1) Although we are not even through three months of the year, the quantity and strength of quality and big name new and upcoming releases simply just isn’t there.  Not only are we not seeing the same volume of quality releases, but neither are we seeing much hype for new and upcoming bands in 2014.  Maybe I’m wrong here, (please prove me wrong) but after just about a quarter of the year in the books, we are already behind in terms of quality releases worth everyone’s ear’s attention.  Yes, there are still hype bands, but have I personally heard any that will stand the test of time and be more than a one-hit wonder, not particularly.  Don’t get me wrong here though, there will always be quality music coming out, even in a down year, and I can name a few worth getting excited for (Beck (x2)U2ColdplayDamon Albarn’s solo album, Foster the PeopleBanks and the ever-rumoured year for the next  Modest Mouse album release) but overall, the year’s prospectus looks fairly dull.  Maybe it will get better and maybe we will have more surprise releases and some up-and-coming stars rise up later in the year, but right now, the outlook is bleak.  Having been engrossed in the music industry and been an avid student of trend analysis, I have come to notice, the music industry is cyclical.  This brings me to my second point.

2) Let’s face it, 2013 was a banner year for the music industry.  Maybe not in terms of overall album sales or financials, but in terms of breakout acts and exposure to new and up-and-coming bands and the resurgence of older acts returning to the fray.  Not only did we have the return of big names like Daft Punk, Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend, but the larger world was introduced to stellar acts Haim, CHVRCHES, Lorde, Bastille, London Grammar, MS MR, The 1975, Capital Cities and many, many more.  On top of that, a number of acts that began to hit it big at the end of 2012, really hit their stride in 2013, primarily alt-J, who played at every festival and drew humongous crowds.  Not only that, but we received a series of great one-off covers, remixes and singles as well, from the likes of Tears For FearsRAC and The Knocks, among others that took the world by storm in 2013.  2013 also brought with it a number of great collaborations and major themes.  It was the Year of the Woman, with girl groups and female-lead singers at the forefront of all the hype and music production last year.  Last year also happened to be the year of Dave Grohl and Pharrell.  Plain and simple, they dominated the music chatter in 2013. In one way, shape or form, one of these two men was in everything it felt like.  With all that happening in 2013, the bar has been set incredibly high.  It’s perfectly understandable why 2014 won’t live up to its predecessor.  If it does though, shame on me for being a doubter and hooray for music! 

3) In my opinion, a good litmus test for the year’s music is the lineups of the major Summer music festivals.  Are the lineups full of up-and-coming acts that have yet to release albums, or with more seasoned vets and artists that have in the previous year gotten big?  So what has the announcement of this year’s festivals brought to the table? Well, we see the announcement of the OutKast reunion and their 30+ date festival headlining tour.   The duo are headlining almost all of the festivals this year and this is deeply depressing.  Although festivals often do have tried-and-true performers for their top-bill, the lack of disparity in this year’s festival lineups is disconcerting.  On top of that, a majority of the headliners this year have not released new albums in the past year and I have yet to hear of any rumours that they plan to do so in 2014.  Apparently, there are very few acts that festival producers are willing to risk their money on as most of the lineups are chocked full of acts that started their rise in 2013.  Not a bad move financially or sonically for all those involved, but the risk/forethought is not there either.  Usually, one can discover some quality new acts from the smaller font artists on the lineup poster with the festival producer playing the role of taste-maker, however this year, it seems like every festival has either the same acts as the others, or the smaller font acts have been established or discovered last year.  Maybe I’m just more in-tuned to the musical environment and maybe a lot of the smaller font names are new to festival goers, but I’m unimpressed by the festival outlook for music discovery in 2014.  While the festivals may be amazing events and fun and enjoyable experiences will be had by many, a precedent is being set for festivals, moving away from years of new music discovery and more towards a larger, more proven artist roster that will be bound to sell out every year and cater to the masses.  Festival promoters bring in (what I like to call) the “bucket list”/cash cow performers and watch them put butts in the seats and their job is successful.

Maybe I’m looking at it all wrong, but either way, 2014 does not look like a blockbuster year for new music.  Please world and readers prove me wrong!  Show me why 2014 is gonna be awesome musically and perhaps you can change my mind.  Maybe we’ll Get Lucky?

The task is yours. I hope you choose to accept it.


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‘New Music Tuesdays’ – Pharrell – The Master of Production Edition


The recent king of production has released his own album this week.  Pharrell Williams has had his hands in the pot of an unheard of amount of artists’ material since the turn of the millennium.  For the former N.E.R.D. member, 2013 was a banner year.  Not only was he the top feature in the hit single from Daft Punk’s Random Access MemoriesGet Lucky, he also produced Robin Thicke’s #1 single Blurred Lines, as well as tracks on the following artists’ 2013 albums:

As if that was not enough, he also produced a hit single and produced a number of tracks on the animated film Despicable Me 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).  Let’s just say, Pharrell was busy.  Well, if you thought he might take off 2014, you would have guessed wrong.  Not only has he already performed at both the Grammys and the Oscars, but this week he released his very own album G I R L.

Stream Pharrell's New Album G I R L

The album is a 10-track piece of “Hip-Pop”.  The album features the likes of Justin Timberlake on the track Brand New, which has a very Michael Jackson feel to it.  The always vocally stunning Alicia Keys appears on the track Know Who You Are.  As I mentioned before, Pharrell was officially involved in at least two of Daft Punk’s tracks on their 2013 album.  Well, the robots repaid the favor on Pharrell’s album on the track Gust Of Wind.  As expected though, the driving track is Happy (from Despicable Me 2).  The track is pop music genius; it satisfies both essential needs for pop success, a fun and dancey beat and a positive/optimistic track with lyrics that are both simple and easy to sing along to.  On top of that, the track is just overly optimistic and its theme (if you can even call it that) is cross-generational in its appeal.

Diane Birch on the other hand, is a reincarnation of the still living Stevie Nicks.   Her 2013 album Speak A Little Louder is a refreshing kick of a classic sound.

The album features the title track Speak A Little Louder but offers a lot more.   Her track Lighthouse sounds like a mix between Florence Welch and Stevie Nicks.  Another track, Superstars, has recently been making the rounds, with an abridged version being played on VH1’s in their “Stop/Watch” series where an artist performs a single track in a minute or less. Unfkd is another quality track which also helps remind us that she is a modern musician with lyrics that are both personal and vulgar.  The album as a whole is an enjoyment to listen to, especially for any Stevie or Fleetwood Mac fans.

Last but not least, I want to draw special attention to the Now Playing Section of the post.  British band, Glass Animals have been getting a number of spins lately on the radio waves with their latest single release Gooey.  Be sure to take a listen to it below and look forward to hopefully hearing more from them later this year.

And now, as always, here was everything acquired on this New Release Tuesday:

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Spotify Playlists:


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